Empaziz is an ongoing developing project that is co executed by several partners in Norway. On this page we will keep everyone that is interested up to date on our path to be the leading lifestyle app on the planet!

EIRA acceleratorprogram, 2022

Statistisk analyse fra Menon, 2022

Opptak i innovasjonsinkubatorer, 2022

Intensjonsavtaler, 2021

Forskningsprosjekt, 2020

Etablerte samarbeid med verdifulle aktører, 2018-2019

Prosjektstøtte fra Innovasjon Norge, 2017

Headache - Low

Our approach aims to identify gaps in your routines linked to your challenges. In this example we have only used the most common factors contributing to ailments, in the full version we will dig deeper into other causes and perform a better assessment.